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Endodontic therapy (root canal therapy) under a microscope

Endodontic therapy (root canal therapy) under a microscope

Root canal therapy (endodontic therapy) was created to enable professional treatment of inflammation of a tooth pulp. The method consists in removing a pulp lesion from a pulp cavity and filling these places with gutta percha or other material. Root canal therapy under a microscope is a very modern method.; a microscope was adopted by dentistry not long time ago. The advantage of this method is the ability to enlarge and light the treated area. Thanks to it, it is possible to identify structures which couldn’t be detected before, for example during visualisation of root canals or noticing narrowings.

Patients often wonder if teeth treatment under a microscope is very different from traditional root canal therapy. The answer is ‘no, it is not’.
Using a rubber dam, a piece of gum isolating the tooth from the oral cavity, a doctor opens the tooth to have a better access to the root canals. The microscope, placed just over the patient’s head, allows for complete inspection of the tooth interior. Thanks to 25-fold zooming in, treatment under a microscope is much more effective.

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Sometimes root canal treatment under a microscope may be not only recommended but also urged, which happens for example when root canal treatment results in failure. The reason of the failure may lie, e.g. in atypical tooth anatomy, the accretion of a root canal, and narrow or curved canals. In difficult cases like these, treatment under a microscope seems to be a great solution. Thanks to it, teeth which were doomed to extraction, can function correctly for many years.