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Preventative care

Preventative care

The aim of preventative care in dentistry is the prophylaxis of teeth and gum diseases. Periodic medical examinations help to detect dental caries in its initial stadium and prevent further consequences of untreated teeth.


Prophylaxis includes also removing calculus and scaling. Scaling is the procedure of removing subgingival and supergingival dental calculus with the aid of an ultrasonic scaler and manual curettes. The procedure is painless, however, in case of hypersensitive teeth a patient may feel some discomfort.


Performed at children at the age of about 6 (after the eruption of the first molars); consists in covering molars’ surfaces with some liquid material containing fluorine. Thanks to the procedure narrow and deep fissures on the masticatory surface are temporarily protected against caries.


Applying varnish completes the above-mentioned procedures. It consists in rubbing fluorine varnish in the surfaces of teeth and strengthening the enamel in this way. Performed at both children and adults. Regular varnish application protects teeth from caries and eliminates hypersensitivity.


It is one of the most popular methods of strengthening enamel. A fluorine preparation in the form of gel or foam is applied on the surfaces of teeth. The preparation is put on special spoons which are next placed on teeth for about 5 minutes.